Level Headed Pomade

Natural skincare for your teenager!

Organic & natural products  have proven to be beneficial in the past as well as the present. Many ingredients included in modern organic and natural skincare products have been used for hundreds of years!

Testimonials by Moms

It works! 

We have tried all kinds of products looking for a face wash that would help clear up acne on our son's face. This has done a great job. He started to clear up a couple of days after the first use. We just bought a 2nd tube!! Look forward to trying other products from your product line!

Laura - Grateful Mom!!

Teenage son can't live without it!

My son absolutely loves the 808 Dude Face Wash for Teens. He believes it truly helps him remain zit free. A great product for teen boys!


My son really likes this Shampoo.

The smell is a bit strong, but it is good at covering up his 13 year old boy stink, especially after hockey. He has longish, fine hair that tends to get greasy looking. This keeps it looking clean. I have tried a lot of natural shampoos and he likes this one the best and asked me to buy him more.


Teenage son loves this!

My 14 yo had a couple of pimples flaring up and started using the wash in shower- completely cleared up his skin and no flare ups in past 3 months.
It smells fresh and only a very little amount is needed. Great product!

Heather - Excited Mom!